I am pleased to be able recommend Landscape USA. They have provided us with excellent service. In addition to consistently providing the contracted services, they have also provided prompt response to the special requests and needs that have arisen time to time. We are kept informed of the health of our community along with recommendations for improvements of our landscape and irrigation systems.

Sara Maresca
Guardian Association Management
Operations Director / Senior Community Manager

People have been commenting how nice the crew is and responsive to the irrigation problem by the putting green yesterday. Landscapes USA has been very impressive so far. Keep up the good work. Your experience and efficiency are evident.

Karen Staats
Sea Village HOA
Board President

I would like to thank the workers of Landscape USA for their excellent service. The hard work and attention to detail has made a dramatic difference. The medians have never looked better. We appreciate all that you do in making The Boulevard beautiful.

Tootie Thomas
El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association

I have worked with Mike Salceanu at Coromandel COA, one of my properties in La Jolla, for over three (3) years. I love working with Mike and wish I could have him working on more of my properties. Mike is very knowledgeable in his field and the Board and I trust his judgment. Mike is very professional and a great asset to the landscaping industry. The property is being handled in an efficient, professional and effective manner. His management style makes his competition look like amateurs.

Joann Pucello
Menas Realty Company
Community Manager

I manage a mid-rise condo Association in Downtown San Diego. The property takes up the entire block with landscaping all around the perimeter, in the pool area, and an atrium area. Before LandscapesUSA, the Association went through three different landscapers within a span of three years. The expectation is for the landscapers to maintain the property and bring issues to Management’s attention with recommendations. LandscapesUSA has been consistently doing a wonderful job at that for almost two years now. Danny our account manager is very attentive to the needs of the property and always takes initiative which has alleviated most of Management’s involvement in overseeing maintenance. This has been very refreshing! We had a full renovation of the atrium area and LandscapesUSA provided a plant palette with recommendations on appropriate irrigation and the atrium has filled in beautifully within months. As with any operation, there may be a time that something gets overlooked and in that one instance, Danny quickly resolved the matter and handled it gracefully. I have no complaints and will continue to recommend LandscapesUSA to fellow colleagues!

Mimi Stansberry
Piazza Palermo
General Manager

I currently work with Danny and another manager at Landscapes USA on two different Associations. It is a pleasure working with them. All of their supervisors and team members are very responsive and knowledgeable and are quick to correct any landscape issues, as well as provide recommendations for improving the landscape. They make my job very easy by being proactive and ensuring the communities always look their best.

Kami Wible-Goldstein
Community Association Manager

Danny has only been the account manager at monet at otay ranch for a short time; however, I have seen so much improvement in the way the community looks overall. The community is getting ready to complete a landscape renovation and Danny is helping bring the Board’s vision to life. Management and the Board are excited to see the end result and are looking forward to working with Danny and the rest of the crew at Landscapes USA.

Jordan Caccamise
FirstService Residential
Community Manager

My experience with Landscapes USA has been pleasant and professional. Whenever I’ve needed anything even on short notice they have accommodated me and my community. Their response time during the past rains that took down trees was fantastic.

Donna M. Scully
Preferred Property Managers
Certified Community Association Manager

As you know, I have been a property manager at various high end institutions in the medical field including Tanabe Research Laboratories. In my experience I have worked with many vendors. I have never met anyone that made me feel so at ease as you have. Over the past 4 years or so we were able to build a close bond and you now anticipate all our needs without me even needing to mention them. During this time, you have assisted us in transforming TRL into a magical landscape environment where our scientists can relax and find tranquility and a break from their otherwise exhausting day. Walking the grounds is an odyssey of color, contrast and shapes. We are absolutely in love with the entire transformation. The pheasants in the interior bamboo forest were a special touch and no one in your industry can even compare. I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you and that you are a quintessential piece of our corporate lifestyle.

Janice Valdivia
Tanabe Research Laboratories USA, Inc.
Manager, Administration

Danny with Landscape USA has been amazing. He has taken over our property and has made a huge difference. Our landscape is beautiful. We have daily compliments on how beautiful it looks! Danny is quick to respond to anything that is needed. We are grateful to have him overseeing Peppertree!

Lori Watrous
Peppertree Apartments
Community Manager

As we all know, the complexities that come with landscape maintenance and some of the intricacies of high-end projects are very challenging in the Carmel Valley area. With that said, Jose Cornejo managed and ensured the completion of 4 Capital Improvement Projects while multi-tasking and orchestrating numerous projects, providing excellent customer service to our constituents and to me which is greatly appreciated. In addition, the City of San Diego recently launched a new application for the public to send in service request or complaints called “Get It Done”, which has been operating very well as we’ve been receiving numerous notifications regarding landscape maintenance. In the midst of Jose managing all of the projects, routine maintenance and staff, he was able to make time to resolve any issue that came about. Jose is a true asset to all of us, including the landscape which I’m positive is very happy to have him and the crew manicuring them day in and day out. Again, thank you for all of your efforts, the company and staff are a well-oiled machine!

Greg Armstead
City of San Diego
Grounds Maintenance Manager

Professional, efficient, proactive, creative… Awesome Job! My expectations have certainly been exceeded!!

John Stephens
City of San Diego
Grounds Maintenance Manager

We received two compliments this week on a new property we are servicing. One was yesterday from Barbara who walks her dog and lives in a nearby community. She said how much she likes the new landscaping job we did! The other was from our client’s maintenance guy. He asked if we were going to do more buildings because he really liked how the first three turned out.